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Beth's first ever Riso print! 


The Risograph is a stencil duplicator. Whilst printing and layering one colour at a time, each print is unique. The nature of riso gives each print it's own character, likened to digital screenprinting. Prints contain misalignments and varients.


Printed onto A3, 180gsm recycled paper with Pagemasters Lewisham!

Cowgirl Riso


    Please note: As with any indoor artwork, avoid exposure to direct sunlight to preserve the colours of the artworks. All artworks are secured with permanent adhesive, please be aware due to the nature of collaged pieces slight curling may appear around the edges of applied papers. It is advised that artwork be framed behind glass. The artwork is intended for the sole purpose stated, no recreations are to be made. Ownership of the design lies with the artist. ©

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